Thursday, June 16, 2005

i have decided that when i'm old, i would like to live in a place where there are fish. i've always wanted to. my parents used to take us (me and my sibs) to the edisto beach on very "special" occassions and it was always a blast to me. water. the camp i've attended (almost) every summer since i was about 7 yrs old surrounds a lake at its current location. its soothing.

and tonight, i find this guy's photoblog ( and he reminded me how good it feels to be around water. i'd like to be wet when i'm old.

in other news: my dad is in the hospital (again). he was off for a bit this spring in between chemo treatments. he and jesus have been fighting off cancer for a good 3 years now. though, he's very tired, my dad. please, keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as well as me and my efforts to love him more than i ever have before.


ps. my roommate, paul goforth, is 21 today.