Sunday, October 09, 2005


h e a d p h o n e s.
"Gas and Matches"

All the way up here
I was thinking it over
I wished we could drink some beer
And work it out
My lungs were burning
I was starting to worry
I couldn’t catch my breath
Or slow my heart beat
We took your photograph
We thought we’d would have a few good laughs
At your expense
Here You thought we were your friends
I guess now you know
Or do you?
Are there really people like that?
Or is this guy just...
Making shit up
for pity parties and feeling sorry for himself?
we were begging for mercy
You were holding a gas can
You had our hands tied
behind our backs.
I started crying
Cause I thought it was over
You pulled a matchbook
from your back pocket.
We took your photograph
We thought we’d have a few good laughs
At your expense
Here You thought we were your friends
I guess now you know
We knew you were half and half
But we never knew you were a psychopath
Or that you’d have the last laugh
I guess now we know
the band pedro the lion is also the band heaphones. headphones. i like the stuff b/c it reminds me of miami vice music. basically, these lyrics are interesting to me. i'm not sure if they're real or not. i'm leaning on ficticious, but anything can happen. this song is pretty dark. it even sounds just as dark as it reads. but, i like it. very much.

here's why: dave bazan is supposedly a christian, so i always trust his songs contain at least a little spiritual relevance. most of his songs are ficticious so, i try to look at them like modern parables. so even if they aren't true, i'm still challenged to think of jesus. strange enough, it does. with this song, in particular, i think about the torture jesus when through hours before the crucifiction.
and i think about those who did it to him.
and how he came out victorious in the end.

it also gets me to think about that verse that says we don't fight against flesh and blood, but armies/spirits of darkness (ephesians 6:12) in the bible and how jesus is going to come out victorious in the end and always. and it makes a good bit of sense (to me) in this context.
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