Tuesday, December 13, 2005

dear potential wife of mine,

do you like joanna newsom? i sure do. i was just introduced to her this evening by my good friend and roommate, paul, on my way to a 10:10 showing of the movie the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe (which was a good one). when i heard it, it made my insides buckle up. i could only grin really hard. i probably could've screamed if i let myself. i contained it for fear that paul's girlfriend would lose her hearing and respect for me.

my insides still feel like they are hugging each other, my intestines playing double dutch with my pancreas. i wish i were an octopus. if you have not heard her, do yourself a favor and find a quiet place and i'll send you some.

and the crazy thing is that the music is slow, but really so full of rhythm at the same time. its bare, but full of thick-ton-heavy bass and melody. i spin from the amount of air coming from her harp and voice.

i like it a lot. the feeling.

let's have lunch soon,