Thursday, December 22, 2005

i want to wish everyone a merry christmas and all of that. i want everyone to know they are great people in my eyes. well, everyone i know that's reading this. i hope that you can be genuinely "weird" around your families and friends; the people who care. i hope you can let down your guards to experience some loving. and so that you can give it to those who enjoy your presence. and presents.

"feeling that someone really gets you
is something that no one should object to
it could happen today, so i suggest you
skip your habit of laying low.

its the end of the things you know
here we go."

jon brion wrote those lyrics. those lines are great to me. i think recently i've been blown away by the capacity of human beings to actually care about one another. myself included. its a beautiful thing. forgiving and all. i think families have a very weird way of doing this effectively too. accepting one another. letting us be peculiar and awkward in our personalities and quirks, but still going on. accepting us.

if anyone wants to come by the jenkins residence for christmas at all, don't hestiate. we'll take care of you.

that's where I'LL BE.