Sunday, February 12, 2006

the new things.

i haven't done much drawing, sharing, posting pictures in a while mainly because i've been working on a long-term "project" called... well, this.

this is a copy of a 12 x 16 (inch) drawing i did with a black papermate pen and colored pencil for my dear friend jessie wayburn. she asked me to do it. the funny thing is i would've done it anyway, but her asking made it that much easier and almost more exciting. the only thing wrong with the picture is that when i went to kinko's, they couldn't make any copies bigger than 11 x 17 which is strange b/c it seems like they would know people use 12 x 16 paper. right? so, there's a little of the top and bottom that got chopped. also, on the right , there is a miniature singing cowboy on one of the clouds over the city. hence, the music notes. other than that, i was greatly pleased with this. sorry that its not the greatest quality, but... i'm glad to share it. i honestly had a little hesitance letting the original go.


and then there's those feist pics. they didn't come out very great. ok but not great. i didn't get many/any of her face, but... you know, who cares? google it. i'm sharing what i got.

starting with erin. my partner in the "said" crime.

top: jason collett and band / bottom: leslie feist and band and then feist with jason collett and his band

this is an organ box. and erin again.