Monday, February 20, 2006

some dates

VIVA BRASIL! was a great success. it was one of the gretest things i've ever done.

thanks to jess and anyone else that "thought" of us recently.


so, the calender is marked up with a few dates that i will make known to those who are interested and available. come out. don't be shy.

thursday. feb 23 - toucan reef w/ steve fiore and friends. 10pm

monday. feb 27 - toucan reef w/dan mccurry (supporting natasha rorrer and brandon hair) 930pm $5

saturday. mar 4 - the map room w/ vintage velvet. 830 - 1130pm

tuesday. mar 21 - new brookland tavern w/ steve fiore and friends (as KITSCH)

thursday. mar 23 - village tavern w/ jack of knives

and i think that's it for now. the "public" dates anyway. come hear some singing. come see some of the rock music or just stop by and listen to some lounge for a bit. either way... come on out.