Monday, February 06, 2006

"this weekend was pleasant..." erin so confidently put it. my friend erin mckinley (the one from that band) and i traveled down to little five points, atlanta, ga to the variety playhouse to see the wonderful leslie feist with friends jason collett and his band.

i just wanted to let you know that it was a great, great show and that it just... sounded so great. not too loud. not too anything. just right. we also got pretty close.

yeah, like... pretty much that close. that's not a picture from the exact show we went to, but its a good one. i'll put mine up soon enough.

if you care to know, feist's voice is... buttery. and its... like laughing and whispering at the same time. or crying and sleeping. there was lots of clapping and snapping and stomping and singing involved. erin and i even slow danced to the last tune.

i remember saying and thinking that this was one of the best shows i've ever been to. if you get a chance, i seriously consider "experiencing" feist.

i also remember making the face you make when you're thinking, "what's that SMELL?" but you want to smile/laugh simultaneously.

oh, and jason collett was swinging as well.

maybe we can see them together sometime.