Saturday, April 22, 2006

as a matter of fact...

-i saw aloha wednesday night in atlanta and i must say... "(sigh) wow."
-i bought this miniature drumset yesterday for $60 and i'm going to use it.
-may 28th is an important date.
-when i leave for the summer, i am going to miss playing music with lots of folks. its hard b/c i've built so many good relationships over this passed year. it almost hurts to say, "hey, i'll be gone for about a month. wait for me?"
-pink paint press is not dead or dying.
-i am almost very broke.
-god still likes me.
-donald miller's "through painted deserts" is a new favorite of mine.
-some dear friends of mine are graduating next month. in like, 2 weeks. i'm very happy for them.
-this is lindsay. we've made good music together. we just got some cds pressed and they're pretty. inquiries and such things are welcome.

-this is toca toca. we're giong to denmark. soon.

-and this has definitely not been the case for me...

- my mother looks to be in her new house around christmas time this year. this is a great thing.
-i love my mother.
-my brother is going to school in florida. bethune cookman. he'll be leaving soon. he graduates from high school on the 27th of may. he is very brave. i think i will be afraid for him.
-i love my brother.
-i probably love you.
-last week my room was so messy, i had to push things out of the way just to walk anywhere.
-i am staring at my ocarina from chile.
-i have a headache. i took it easy tonight.
-i am driving a new (used, but more reliable) car. it is a white buick. i can listen to tapes again.
-thanks for loving me.
-dan and i are making some more cds. and then recording more songs.
-may 28th
-the new aloha record is... great. my favorite line today:
"i know you're coming
i have spend my time preparing
what to keep and what to throw away
what will breathe and what will suffocate
though you're late we communicate
with staples and tape"

-it is time to rest.