Monday, April 10, 2006

safety (and kitsch pics)

my friend dan and i just finished working on our new music project entitled: run dan run.
nick and dan.
(official "band" foto)

it consists of 3 songs that we recorded over the course of a week. there was a bit of huddle house and little sleep. one night, we were definitely up well after 4 am. he was on spring break. i... had no job to go to the next day.

we came up with a gentle title for it. it is suitably named "safety". we just finished burning, labeling, and packaging over 100 cds for friends and family. there is a folding cd jacket the seperate sleeve rests in... safely by means of velcro. there's a little doodle of a balloon hanging in a tree with some stars around it that i did. there are lyrics. there is a big thank you written in there.

we are proud of it.

i suggest checking the link on the side that will take you to our "music" site. we would like everyone (you) we know to get a copy, which would mean more work for us in making them, but we don't mind. really. just ask soon and you won't have to wait.

we have a show with kitsch this weekend and are planning to give a good bit of them out to folks who show up and appreciates the goodness of good musicness.

and speaking of shows...


april dates:
(not girls, but shows. in case you were really confused that i have to keep track of that sort of thing, with me being so popular and such.)

13th - lindsay holler @ the map room. west ashley, sc (free)
14th - lindsay holler/jack of knives @ cumberlands. charelston, sc
15th - kitsch @ the village tavern. mt. pleasant, sc


i am listening to iron and wine a lot. a friend (lindsay) got me in to them last week. i am really diggin' it. i suggest it for any calm-headed virgo.

oh, get this. i may be a model in this 'recycled materials' fashion show next week. its a "bring your own flashlight" affair. don't ask me what that means other than bring your own flashlight. it'll be interesting, i'm sure. i'll keep you informed.

maybe. depends on how it goes.

hey, i like it when you call me.
ps. this is kitsch.
ok. more pictures later. toca toca has a new website up. ha.