Monday, July 24, 2006

a few things about mette.

once again, this has been a great trip for many different reasons, but i'd like to share with you one particular thing (person) that's been quite dear to me over the course of this month.

i met a girl named mette. a very beautiful danish girl who speaks very good english. she speaks in a 'wicked' british accent and i'm grateful for that, because i definitely don't understand the danish language.

pronounced: mid-a. or med-a.

we've spent almost everyday together since last week this time and i've grown to appreciate our talks and embraces in the short time that we've known one another. i'm really comfortable with her.

i don't think i've talk to any one person about my dad and what i thought of him in this passed year as much as i've talked with mette. something about the way she sees things makes me feel its cool to think the way i do too.

she likes my voice and says its soothing. we sing songs to one another. i like her voice because its even more soothing and just recently i found she talks with a tiny lisp. its cute.

she's good looking. like... pretty pretty model pretty and she likes my mouth. i've never recieved compliments on my mouth before now. i like hers too.

i've kissed her mouth. it was a good thing.

yesterday, we were in her back yard in her hammock while her younger brother, martin (18) wrote songs with dave and gerald inside the house about pancakes. i remember wanting a camera every 10 minutes to take pictures of the sun shining through the trees onto the hammock and through her hair, blocking my face.

we talked about parents, growing up, being 'normal', liking each other, jesus and pancakes.

i think she gets me.

i could go on for a while longer, but i just wanted to give a little heads up that if i ever thought about staying/living in denmark, or coming back to "visit" in the near future... there's your reason.

and i'm sorry for not having a digital camera to post pics up, but you'll just have to believe me. give me a few weeks and i'll give you some proof. other than that... thanks for reading.