Sunday, July 30, 2006

it is currently 3:16 am. i'm packed. dave and gerald and myself are flying out of here in a few hours. we're not sleeping tonight. their flight leaves at 7, with mine at 9 (am). we've said our goodbye's. this afternoon, i said a really long one to a dear, dear person i think i fell in love with.

about an hour ago, i thought to myself, "very soon, i will NOT be here. i will NOT see her..." and i got a little emotional.

its really, really... strange.

musically, this has been a wonderful couple of days. we've (dave, leah, gerald) been hanging out with some very great brazilian musicians/friends we met last week. they're cooler than cool. we took a 45 minute train ride yesterday to a party and played music on the way. it was a very encouraging time.

this has been a beautiful month.

in a few hours, i'll be back on my native soil. it'll be really, really strange.


i love you. i miss you. i'll see you soon.