Monday, July 03, 2006

monday. almost a whole week here in denmark. we all like it.

yesterday was a fun day. we had the day off. i wanted to find a church to sit in but hung out around the hotel instead. we have a breakfast buffet here every morning that stuffs me well into the evening.

in the afternoon, i went with leah and gerald to the botanical gardens downtown. it was nice and big and green. on the way out, we stopped at a little icecream stand at the gates where a beautiful girl named ´mette´ worked. she was cute. with leah and gerald´s help, i asked for her number and got it.

i was pretty pleased with myself.

later, the whole group went with emmanual out an architect named ´hans´ house. we took the subway and walked for a long time. he lived in a beautiful apartment on the 9th floor of a very modern looking building. he´s building emmanuel´s recording studio in charleston. it was quite possibly the nicest building/apt i've ever set foot in. we had beer, wine, coffee and cakes. it was very pleasant. very pleasant.

more later.

how the heck are YOU doing, though?