Sunday, July 09, 2006

the more people i meet...

the more i realize how small i am.

last night, we played well. folks came out. afterwards we ate dinner with a photographer friend of ours named steven freiheit and his good friend named kamal. they came out to see us play. from what i hear, they're both kind of a big deal, i guess.

today, we have a "photoshoot" with mr. freiheit. we have to look sharp.

we ate at a pakistanian restuarant and fill our bellies. it was lovely. to walk off our meals, we visited a famous bar/venue/dance club called "vega". a great band called 'the dears' will be there about a week after we've left.

i'm planning to go see brad meldau on thursday. i trust it will be a good investment.

next week, monday through wednesday, we're recording from sun-up to... sun-up. mulitple times.