Thursday, July 06, 2006

yesterday, we visited steinway hall and saw the room we´re planning on recording in. a guy named ´yan´ runs the place. its a nice space.

later in the evening, we played a good couple of sets at the hotel. after we started the second one, i look up and notice a familiar-faced, blonde girl in a blue dress. it was mette (pronounced: mid). and she was smiling. she stood in one spot until we finished playing and i soon after walked over to greet her. i was happy to see her. i didn´t really think she´d show up... ever.

we (gerald, dave, leah) then hung out after we packed up, had a couple of drinks, talked danish (politics) and american liberalism, yadda yadda. the youth are very into politics here and they think its almost strange not to talk about things regarding the government. when we exhausted our brains and our carlsberg, we went walking. and talking. she took us around town to nørbrough to visit some cafes. we ended finding and traveling with some of her friends to a cafe where a dj was spinning old american rock/pop/dance hits. we danced a whole lot.

mette is very nice and pretty all at the same time. i´ll tell you more about her seperately, later.

today we visited another studio (focus) where we will be recording.

happy thursday the 6th.