Thursday, August 17, 2006

more lindsay holler news.


tomorrow, my mother and i are taking my younger brother, kelsey, to college in florida. he's excited, and i am for him. i'm not sure how the old lady is taking it. she's gonna have lots of time to spend on her new house building and her new little poddle pup named 'rambo'. survey says she's golden. i think she'll be fine. although, i think i get my loner-gene from her.

i was at the beach a lot this week and wondered why i liked going so much. i concluded that it reminds me of bathing. the water and the beach, of course. but sort of in a mental/spiritual way. the constant static of waves even clear my brain of things that i don't necessarily want to think about. whatever they may be at the time.

a few more weeks and i shall not be roomless. i may call some friends to hear familiar voices sometime soon. or maybe i'll write some letters.