Sunday, October 22, 2006

vroom vroom.

today: back in charleston from cheraw, sc (jazz festival weekend) and pinehurst, nc (wedding party). relax and nap.
tomorrow (monday): new york to visit brazilian (pop icon) milton nascemento and friends at the "blue note" in greenich village.
tuesday: hang out in the city.
wednesday: back to charleston to play with "run dan run" at the map room.
thursday: yo borrito! with "the young and the restless"
friday: savannah, ga with "a decent animal" feat. the hollerettes (of lindsay holler's band)
saturday: columbia, sc with "lindsay holler" and "a decenet animal" at the art garage.

let's meet up.


ps. last week was a great week because i got to see my friends, rosewater faire, play in charleston for the first time. it was a delightful evening. they're such a good band and their music is like a pure something. a pure ___ . i'm glad to know them as friends. most of you know jim as "the dream blog dude". he's great.