Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i'd like you

to hear the young and the restless. here you go.

i hope all of yous have a great holiday. tell me about it sometime.


last week i watched a lot of movies. i recommend all of these:

jesus is magic - depending on your moral standing, you should maybe watch this alone or with a really close, comfortable friend. over-the-top kind of funny. blushing-from-embarrasement funny. did-she-just-say-that? funny.

thumbsucker - if you like wes anderson movies, you may like this one. its definitely a 'understanding that i'm different and that's ok' movie. its heavy and beautiful like high school drama. weird like puberty and awkward like SAT prep. i will watch again soon.

only human - funny little foreign film about a jewish family meeting a daugther's palestinian fiance. the funniest part is that the entire cast is hispanic.

pootie tang - ridiculous humor about an urban superhero. i laughed until my face hurt from trying not to laugh. ridiculous. sa da tay.

click (last night) - christopher walken makes me laugh just by speaking. its one of those 'make every moment count' movies... think: its a wonderful life.

happy feet (today with bobby) - funny haha. funny cute. i saw it at the imax. i've never been there before. i've never seen so many children with popcorn in one room.

all of these are surprisingly good.


i saw hail last night.