Tuesday, December 12, 2006

holy mary of flamingos, batman!

i was getting off work today and i drove by a house with an interesting 'holiday lawn decor' that i had to comment on.

there was a nativity scene surrounded by flamingos.

but it wasn't even like a full nativity scene. there was just sort of mary, joseph, the baby lord... and some flamingos. no manger. no hay. it was very entertaining to me. not blasphemous or tacky... just entertaining.



bobby hears "joy to the world" on the radio today and in the chorus he insists on singing, "and kevin, and kevin and nature sing..."

i didn't correct him. i just let it go.


tomorrow i'll be running my first stint as 'touring drummer' with two bands on the road at the same time. lindsay holler & the hollerettes are playing at the cave in chapel hill tomorrow night. thursday night, i'll be at the same place with steven fiore. so, that'll be fun. if you're in the area at all, maybe you should, like, come out.

friday night, jack of knives is at johnson's pub. you charleston folk should come-get crazy.
saturday, steven fiore opens for the working title at the plex.
(hip, hip...?)


i went to the library and checked out some books on photography. i found one of linda mcartney's (paul mcartney's wife's) works, and i really like it. i just sort of stumbled upon it. it found me. if i only could write music this spaceous and foggy.

the book i found is called, wide open. its very... open and still and memorable. like, how you remember things memorable. the way your memories look when you remember things, memorable.
check it out.


fell ease no v. dad?