Friday, December 08, 2006

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS played last night (at yo borrito). we changed our name to 'MORIMOTO'. its cooler. it was a good night i guess. i think it was our first 'off-night' ever, b/c i was totally spaced out for the 3 hours we played. i felt emotionally exhausted from handling 'bob' all day. someone got me a beer and and a chicken borrito and i was fine afterwards. we appreciate our friends who come out every week. it means a lot.

lindsay holler and the hollerettes are rockin' out at cumberlands this saturday. it should be a 'balleresque' show if you ask me. first time in a while playing at cumberlands. its on...
there's a lindsay holler tour in the works for the summer (march) and you should be excited, the way that i am excited.

i went home last week and found lots of things that i forgot i owned. clothes, papers, books, records. i'm going back today to collect them. moving is a lot like being planted in a garden, i think. a seed moving around and growing and dying and growing and being replanted. i think.

i saw 'strangers with candy' last night. its funny, very funny.