Friday, January 05, 2007

blog via lindsay holler's myspace.

the pro-cess.

charlotte, nc. sioux sioux studios. most rad. comfortable. artistically reliable. here's a funny thing: dave linaburg is afraid to go outside alone after dark.

there's a song called "back door" you maybe familiar with... its a new one of ours. in the process, we managed to record lots and lots of yelling, some clapping, a few extra dirty guitar tracks... all ending in brain meltdown for me. but its SOOO good..

i had a very encouraging BLT today from the 'common market' and it set me off right.

we should be done tonight with all of our recording. we're excited. lindsay sounded prittie. you should be very excited too.

did you know that i've never seen (the movie) 'almost famous'?

when you hear this stuff, you'll probably say... "wow, i'm in love with this band." my mom is.

-nick (the dark one)

ps. we are now DIRTY KIDS, if anyone cares to know. thank you.