Friday, May 11, 2007

heavy thoughts.

i am made of wood and felt. skin, bones, some blood, some hair. i am. i am not. i am emotional. i am still and on fire. i am burning for ____. i am music. i am so not unoriginal. i am funny and not very symmetrical. i have more reasons for being here than i know. i am on the fingertip of epiphany and romance. my feelings are heavier than air and gravity and gas and liquid. they weigh tons on thursdays. don't even ask about sunday. i am in love and i am afraid. i am more selfish than most criminals and yet i will not protect these plastic surroundings of mine if you were to light a match to them. i am hearing. i am seeing. i am love. i am on the outside and i know what the inside looks like. i helped build it. what does god think about outsiders? where does god meet the curious and disheveled? i am irony. ask me for a coat and i'll give you my store. ask me for a sheet of paper and i'll send you all of my books.

i am a giant.