Sunday, July 29, 2007

good news/bad news

good. i will have my phone in a couple of days. my good friend adam is aiding me in my redemption to the world of communication.

good. i turn a year older next month. maybe we can hang out or something.

way good. my wonderfully witty, intelligently colorful girlfriend is coming to visit me this month.

good. my dear friend, zach is ok. he's still on the appalacian trail. hiking.

pretty good. i am trying to get a job as a high school drum instructor. there is presently communication between both of our companies.

bad. my car is frightening me. its sort of dying. i think there's unicorn stuck in the fuel line to the engine. it just ain't starting.

interesting. some video from one of our shows on the run dan run tour are here. courtesy of andrew.

good. i have a show at the map room. like, i, as in, me. nick jenkins. it'll probably be with some other friends of mine, playing my songs, but i actually have a show. september 20th at the map room in west ashley, sc. the band 'name' is still in the works.

good. my friends dave linaburg (guitar) and mike hanf (drums) and i started a band last week called "ARMY". we are a rock band. we have a show at the upper deck in charleston on wednesday night. it will rock. we will have guest vocalists. all the time. all the time. all the...

good. i love you.