Monday, October 22, 2007

its today.

i'm glad to be alive today, and yesterday, and the day before that. today is special because it is happening right now. if you take a minute and enjoy what's happening without judgement, without filters, without your processing and your worries, you may see something very beautiful in your routine.
a very special someone in my life has been keeping that truth at the forefront of my mind recently. i encourage you to do the same.


i'm almost done working with the james island high school marching band (drum line), for their marching season is coming to a close this week. saturday is their last competition and it is the state 'finals'. i've learned a lot just being around the group of 40+ high schoolers. i've learned a lot about teaching, just by trying to teach.

i also encourage you to share something with someone about your life that you may think is mundane. it may not be to the one you're sharing it with.

oh, life.


more to come soon.

in the meantime, check out hearts + plugs. keep an eye out for 12 sharpened pencils. its a zine my friend bill is releasing this sunday.