Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dude, check out this sweet font.

Redux is beginning their next weekly lecture series. You should check it out if you have some time on this coming Monday night. They involve 2 lectures on 2 seemingly different topics and have an open discussion at the end of it, bridging the two areas of thought, art, business, food, music, etc. It's great and it starts 6pm. It was sort of a brainchild of this fabulous person.

And after that, you should come check out Leah Suarez's SOUL COFFIN (featuring Lee Barbour) live at Mercato (6pm - 10pm) every Monday night throughout the Fall. We may be there longer, depending on how many people come out and get crazy on "Meatball Monday". That's the gig. Good tunes. Good wine. Good balls. Meatballs.

Oh yeah! Speaking of Mondays, my friend Dan (Run Dan Run) is doing this video blog series called "Cover Me Mondays" which can be viewed here: He'll be doing a cover every week for a whole year. He said that he'd buy you a cookie cake for everyone who tunes in if he doesn't complete the project. That's honorable, right?

Dan and I have been working on some new Run Dan Run material, as well. We have a couple of shows coming up pretty soon. The 19th at the Awendaw Green with Golden Pyramids and Weigh Station, among others. Then there's the 24th at thePour House with Co. and Firework Show. That's what this silliness is about:

Ok. I think that's it for the "update". Thanks for the check up. I'm listening to Pavement, what about you? I'm thinking about making a new calendar. Are you interested? Do you think you can find at least 5 other people to be interested so that I can think about how many a brother should/can make? I'd love to put another out. I'd just like know that I can get rid of them, too. That sounds worse than I mean it to. You know what I'm saying. 

Just remember: Monday, Monday, Monday. It's not that bad after all. 

see you soon,

ps. I just downloaded an awesome font. It's called Digitek. :) I know, i'm a geek.