Sunday, October 18, 2009

"This Is It"


  Recently, I had the pleasure to perform with 4 of Charleston's finest improvisers alongside trumpeter, Jacob Wick, from New York. Jacob is on a solo tour of the US right now doing a project called Road Trip: Drawing A Parameter of the United States. Parts of his program include John Cage's 4'33" and a improvisational piece of his own called This Is It
  Here is some audio. Don't be frightened. Check it out. 

Jacob Wick - trumpet, voice
Bill Carson - banjo, voice
Ron Wiltrout - percussion, voice
Sam Sfirri - clavinet, voice
Lee Barbour - guitar, voice
Nick Jenkins - laptop, voice 



Upcoming Shows:

October 23rd 
Midnight Rooster | Hartsville, SC | Run Dan Run | 8pm

October 25th 
The Pour House | Charleston, SC | Lindsay Holler's Western Polaroids | CD Release | 7pm

November 5th 
The Tin Roof, W. Ashley, SC | Kaler, Mr. Jenkins, Punks & Snakes | Kaler CD Release | 9pm

November 6th 
Fresh Brewed Coffee, Myrtle Beach, SC | Run Dan Run | 8pm

November 7th 
at Kulture Klash 5 | N. Charleston, SC | Short Shorts | 7pm - midnight