Thursday, November 19, 2009

It is 3:24 am.

Tonight, I sat in with Himalayas at a bar in Williamsburg called Spike Hill on Bedford Avenue.

Kenny Wollesen composes for and directs this band. He's cool. So cool.

Tonight, there were at least 15 people on stage (and off) all together. I played floor tom and cymbal. There were 3 other drummers in attendance. It was a lot like being in a church where people only communicated with their instruments. There was a very communal vibe and I remember smiling and dancing for most of the 2 sets.

Tomorrow, Asphalt Orchestra will rock the new "Atrium" space at the Lincoln Center. High noon. Free to the public. Check out our new myspace.

Friday, back home. This has been a fulfilling week.

Chin, chin. Post. Skol. Cheers, y'all.