Friday, January 08, 2010

Jan, you airy.

Asphalt rocked the house last night.

Well, actually we rocked the Lincoln Center, thoroughly. And it was a full house. It's been a great 1st year for the band and we're probably not playing many gigs until the summer, but keep an eye/ear open for more news! There are great, great things in the works.

Some sweet shows happening this week:

There's a Mr. Jenkins (with special guests) on Thursday, the 14th of January at a new space in Charleston called Outer Space. It's very much a great venue and collective art space in the making. Come out and support if you're in the area. Other musical acts in the evening include a band called The Little Fish from Nashville, TN and Will Pittman of Charleston, SC.

Run Dan Run is back at it again, slowly but surely, and ready to rock the masses. We're planning to do some recording this summer, but in the meantime a special couple of dates here and there never hurt nobody.
Like this one! >>> February 18th at the Village Tavern (Charleston, SC).

See? Don't you want to come out and play?