Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring! Morimoto! Asphalt! Cookies!

I saw a killer rap group from Baltimore this weekend. They were called Height. They played a show with Short Shorts. I was impressed with the turnout. Go Charleston.

This week, Run Dan Run rocks Outer Space. We don't get to play very often these days, so if you're at all interested, come hang out. We would never has not bite you. Also, the venue that we're playing may/may not be around for much longer, so come experience a great Charleston community space only a few months in the making.

There's also no telling what the future holds, but right now, Dan and I have a pretty full sound for only being a 2 piece band. We will play love songs. 8:00 pm for a good (parking) "spot". Anywaaaaaay...

Lots of travel plans are in the works for the Summer. My dear lady friend and I are hitting up an art show in Philadelphia beneath I-95 (see: Zoe Strauss). Morimoto is making an appearance in Charleston at this shindig. Asphalt Orchestra is set to perform in London at the Barbican. Mr. Jenkins is on the bill for the NMC Fundraiser on the 30th. Whaa!

I guess I should start packing soon. I'll be seeing you around.

Until then, keep your ears to the wind and your fingers out of the cookie dough!