Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ok. Sunday. So much. Stuff. Celebrate.

The 3rd annual "Wake Up, It's Today!" 2011 Calendar + Coloring Book Release Party will be held this Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at the Tin Roof in Charleston, SC. 
(Did I mention that this year's calendar is a coloring book ?)

We are pleased to announce that among musical acts to be performing on the said evening will be Hosannas. They are in the middle of a very big tour. We are lucky to be sharing the space on the same night. They are from Portland, OR.

Opening for them will be a special group of musical brains as Thus, My Retort*. This band has no myspace or website or recordings b/c this is only the second performance! I can tell you that this set will be a dreamscape of pleasant sounds, moods, and colors. If only John Diliberto could be here now. We are from Charleston, SC.

Before that, I'll sing some songs with a weepy guitar. 

Before that, you and your friends will arrive to pick up your calendars!

Oh, and the space will be transformed by Lauren Frances Moore. She makes things out of things. If you come out, you'll at least have your mind blown by the temporary (yet fantastical) environment that is sure to spark your imagination in at least 12 new ways. 

- - - -

Just to recap:

"Wake Up, It's Today!" 2011 Calendar + Coloring Book Release Party Kick-Off at 730pm.
Mr. Jenkins at 830pm.
Thus, My Retort at 9pm.
Hosannas at 10pm.

- - - -
This will be a FUN event.
- - - -

*Thus, My Retort will be featuring many musical brains including, but not limited to:

Brett Nash, drums/percussion/vocals
Jenna Lyles, vocals
Zach Bodtorf, guitar/vocals
Conor Donohue, guitar/vocals
Dan McCurry, guitar/keyboard/vocals
Marco Frey, percussion/vocals
Jasen Cumbi, synth/vocals
Sam Sfirri, keyboard/electronics/vocals
Sarah Bandy, vocals
Nick Jenkins, drums/vocals/compositions

Or, something like this.