Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NYC is hot. There is no air conditioning or fans in my apartment. The heat is alive and well. 

I feel like I've been here longer than 6 months, but not quite half the year. It definitely feels like I've moved to a different city, yet, it doesn't quite seem like I'm completely settled.

The coolest part has been the beginnings of so many good projects and albums... These things are worth talking about as well as the discovery of Nutella. Just try me.

Here are some things I'm very much looking forward to, though:


Next month, I'll be heading on the road with a musician by the name of Jason Ajemian and his band, The High Life. We'll be Southwest, Midwest and Northeast bound for the most part. If you think you can make any of these dates, we would love to meet up/see you/play for you. Tour is way more fun when people you recognize come to your "gig". 

Charleston: We will be making a stop at the Tin Roof. August 8th. Lindsay Holler's Western Polaroids will also be on the bill. Sea ewe there?

Just before that, I'll be heading to Canada for the first time ever with Asphalt Orchestra. Things are obviously continuously going well for this project. We have appreciated your support and your enthusiasm over the passed 3 years. (Whoa, it's been a while!) Anyway... if you can't catch us in Ottawa on the 30th of July, maybe the Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors Festival would be a more better chance to get a little rowdy with us? We'll be there on August 3rd.

I think that's all for now. There's more, but that's all I'll dig into today. 
It's all quite nice, actually.


Other awesomeness in the works: 

Run Dan Run's new full-length album, Normal. I'm very excited about this! (Fall, 2011.)
V Ultra Lounge debut EP.
Julian & The Lopez Dispensers EP.
Asphalt Orchestra indoor show for the Fall, 2011. 
Oh, and a little electronic duo that was started in a diner just last night. More to come on that soon. 


I hope that you are at least a little bit "happy".

-N J