Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A Happy New Year, I wish to all. I hope that it's off to a great start. I can't really complain about much. Since I moved to Brooklyn (NY) at the start of 2011, many great things have come out of that. They were so great, I decided to move back to Charleston (SC) to reconnect and reground myself. I'm making room in my life for other wonderful things to launch in the coming months and I hope that you can be around to experience some of them. 

Currently in the works: 

BODYPARTS is releasing a full-length debut album and a MUSIC VIDEO! It was recorded in the Summer of 2012 and is guaranteed to delight the whimsical-natured music lover. It may also offend those with bad taste/humor. I was a little sad to be leaving this project. Hugs and bubbles for all. 

Future Wife is going into the studio (THIS STUDIO) just this week to record an album of the songs from the show "We're Gonna Die". That should be a rich sounding recording, to say the least. The show is scheduled to be visiting Brighton, UK as well as Seoul, South Korea in the Spring. Who will we meet? What magic will ensue? 

Mr. Jenkins is planning a few experiments. There are a few new tracks surfacing here and there. One of which is included on the second Hearts & Plugs Sampler. The other on an upcoming double cassette release by Mirror Universe Tapes. New songs are always on the fringe of becoming albums. Stay tuned and ye shall be informed. 

Other such projects include a few batches of illustrations for the Local Palate Magazine and t-shirt designs for Southern Femisphere (one of my new favourite bands in Charleston right now). I'm quite sure they're touring in the Spring. You can love them, too. 

Mostly, in short, that's it. Take care of yourself. Keep your friends close. Be loved. 
Go, you. 2013. Now. 

cheers and stuff,