Thursday, April 21, 2005

if i were a leper

i was reading in the book of matthew the other day how jesus was so popular and accessible in his day and i wondered why people liked him so. i think it was because he was friendly. and i wondered how he would treat me if i were the way i am now, proud and healthy. and then i wondered how he would treat me if i were humble and broken, like a leper. i think jesus would have been my friend. i would have his attention without performing. i wouldn't have to sneak into the show or bribe him. he would welcome me. i think all of this is true right now as well. jesus is my friend.

i am listening to the band six parts seven's song called "sleeping diagonally". jimmy would like this music.

the weather is nice in charleston tonight and i wish that it could be this way the whole year long. the summer months look promising.

i have run out of clean underwear as of 3 days ago.