Tuesday, May 24, 2005

for real.

So, what about Jesus makes you want to be his friend?

MissTina26: cause it's like He's my big brother, and God is my dad, and so my brother gets the low down and tells my dad and then my dad enforces the discipline....but it's like Jesus is really and truly like a homeboy....that's why, if that makes any sense...good question, i like it

AmySue443: he is cool!

Bosche2001: that he loves me unconditionally

dgeymie: that he totally accepts me for who I am.

brittbritt305: well...he's forgiving, he's always there for me, he listens to me, he loves me, and i'm never alone b/c he's always there

Tooki Boot47: errr....good listener?
Tooki Boot47: and......he's just an all around cool dude

Stankonia03: interesting question...there are so many reasons but the first one that popped up in my head is the sense of security that comes along with having a relationship with him

starrie354: because i know he is tolerant and non-judgmental
starrie354: i never have the fear of going to him with problems
starrie354: and because he knows everything
starrie354: he is the perfect guy to go to for advice
starrie354: it's weird because that is one of the few questions i was determined to find the answer to when i seriously considered a relationship
starrie354: seeing Jesus as a friend was one of the first ways that i saw Christianity in a positive light
starrie354: like... i could commit to him as a friend before anything else

JLHarris327: he's always there
JLHarris327: always
JLHarris327: and that's the number 1 thing i look for in a friend

Banana1565: he's welcoming
Banana1565: to others

Chucktowngrl6: he's mercy
Chucktowngrl6: forgiveness
Chucktowngrl6: caring
Chucktowngrl6: wanting to love me even if i’m butt ugly
Chucktowngrl6: he's the kind of a savior, friend that cares about you as a person and doesn’t just want to be your friend b/c of your appearance or your outer look

weave25: that he keeps on wanting to be my friend even though I’m a jerk face

megyn24: He loves me...haah