Wednesday, May 25, 2005

is nothing new?

so, most of you who know me know that one of my all-time favorite bands is ESTER DRANG. and tonight i decided i'd send one of their songs (is nothing new?) to a friend of mine named erin. these are the lyrics:
it's just life
you know that I carry you
the situation is nothing new to you
it's going back to you
it's going back to you
you carry you carry me on through
believe me believe me
i will walk with you
and i'm leaving the light on to save you
it takes you your whole life through just to please you
and i will believe in you
yes i will walk with you
and this is what she said after listening to it:

"...yeah...kinda like this feeling where things just seem to spin and you realize that nothing is in your control and everything is peaceful again..."

this made me smile.