Sunday, June 05, 2005

y me gusta

the rocks at the beach that you can sit on. christmas lights on my computer. staying up late to make things. body parts as percussion. hanging things from my ceiling. driving with soft music very loud. to imagine that my parents know that i think they are beautiful and i appreciate them for being especially lovely to me and my siblings. sharing stories about musical and spiritual encounters. my art work. my camera. my floor. carpeting. charleston. resurrecting mix tapes. asking for directions. making people uncomfortable. being made uncomfortable. being free. promoting freedom. not liking the sports you like, but admiring you. mocking satan. being raised in walterboro, sc. imaging myself as a father. being thankful. finding old friends. touching (above the waist). thinking i can go back in time to make things "better". blank pages. the concept of jazz. having you as a sibling. grass. pillow forts and shade beds. home. your hair short. seeing you dancing. sequels. helping you realize i am much worse than you thought. that it is not about me. laughing at the thought of you realizing how important you are. markers. crying for loved ones. being told its ok. letting you know its ok. missing you.. and you.. and you, too. a/c adapters. other people's clothing. children. lakes. costumes. laughing. laughing. laughing. laughing. laughing at the way you laugh. laughing at myself. your favorite color. remembering long trips with you. meeting you. remembering you after forgetting where you went. being random. being ok with being random. having friends who are ok with me being random. redemption. character. the cross. knowing that you're still alive. sleep.