Wednesday, August 24, 2005

bragging on god is ok. bragging on yourself is not.

the days have more bulk to them when i wake up earlier
i have time to wake up and relax and wake up some more before its night
i'm playing music for a living
i play with a couple of bands, many of whom are my friends
(including: glee, jack of knives, vintage velvet, flat nine, and other groups that just don't have names)
this friday i will have been alive and ticking for 22 years
my brother plays his first senior (hs) football game this friday also and i will see him
my mom is well
my friends and family make me want to write music
i'm not that afraid of the future anymore
i lost my billy corgan cd for a month or so, but i found it today in my car under the driver's seat
i am now a babysitter, the kid's name is bobby and i work with his music therapist as a drum teacher also
i have been listening to music by: anathello, regina spektor, broken social scene, and randy newman
i found a dvd of the 1st season of mork and mindy
i gathered flippers, waterguns, a cape, a red vest, and my accordion for friends' going away party
pink paint press is inspiring
ester drang's new record "rocinate" is almost out
sigur ros' new disc is out next month
i want to go to new york
aloha is playing there soon
i want to go to california
i will find my wife there