Saturday, September 10, 2005

stolen from ansley

i took this chunk of goodness from my friend ansley harden's livejournal. its good.

Ayatollah Fadlallah, the spiritual leader of Islamic fundamentalist Hezbollah in Lebanon, said to Brother Andrew: "You Christians have a problem." The latter enquired: "What do you think our problem is?" Fadlallah replied: "You are not following the life of Jesus Christ anymore." Andrew asked again: "So what do you think we should do about that?" "You must go back to the Book."
Referring to the Bible, Mahatma Gandhi said to a group of missionaries: "You Christians look after a document containing enough dynamite to blow all civilization to pieces, turn the world upside down and bring peace to a battle-torn planet. But you treat it as though it is nothing more than a piece of literature."