Monday, September 12, 2005


yesterday i played with glee. we recorded two songs in a real-live studio. it took maybe 2 hours tops. all seperate tracks. erin has sweet vocals recorded. we did handclaps and things. a pretty cool little demo should be ready soon. afterwards my friend wade invited me to the beach to hang out. i did. the current was really strong and i almost drowned by coming over a huge sand bar. it was terrifying. i actually called for "help" a few times. that's when i touched ground. it was interesting that no one heard me. later that evening, my friend jason (who recorded us) invited me to cumberland's for music and drinks. i don't normally drink, but i did last night. only b/c "a little buzz is good for the soul," jason says. i was warm and a few pounds lighter. we went back to his and his fiance's house to listen to music. i think jason and i bonded.

i am thankful.