Thursday, October 20, 2005


picture courtesy of sam brown @ exploding dog.

today was bobby's adoption day anniversary. "we" bought a mini magic set in celebration of it. out of 52 tricks, bobby knows 3. before he knew those, he only knew one called the "rubber wand". its when you put a wand (or pen/pencil) in between your index and thumb fingers and move your hand up and down, letting the object wiggle like rubber. it is an illusion. its not really rubber at all.


so bobby got very excited after learning this trick and decided that we were ready to put on a show for his neighbor. we took on the appropriate roles. he was "the great magician robert james kalman III" and i was his helper, maurice. we spoke in old english accents. the kind they use in monty python movies or the princess bride.

after our big introduction for the neighbor kid, ben's mom, i presented the great...kalman with his box of tricks. he pulled out his wand and concentrated. he wiggled mildly and looked frightened at his results. ben's mom goes, "i'm looking." nothing. "i don't see it," she says. bobby turns around and says, "we need to practice."

we did. we learned 2 more tricks before his folks got home with cake and dinner. sadly i could not attend the festivities.