Monday, October 17, 2005

recently i had to write this miniautobio for this band i play with (vintage velvet) to go up on our website. i've never done much autobio'ing, but i thought i'd share what i compiled.


nick jenkins (does not usually speak of himself in the 3rd person) and is a native of a cozy south carolinian town called walterboro. the middle child of 3, nick began his musical journey as a preteen in his middle school beginner band as a percussionist. inspired by friends to learn the art of air drumming, nick was taught drums along with miscellaneous and essential rock music etiquette from early weezer, no doubt, and green day albums. years later, he graduated from the college of charleston's music program with a degree in jazz performance.

presently, nick happilly plays with vintage velvet, glee, and jack of knives and has made various random appearances with the Tommy Gil Trio, Kevin Hackler Quartet, vocalist Bobbi Storm, Tom Crowley and other creative artists around the charleston area.

when mr. jenkins is not playing or writing music, he draws himself to sleep and writes 4 page love letters to his future wife. he currently enjoys loving god and people the most. artistic influences range from tears for fears, thelonious monk, brazilian music, to food and water.