Wednesday, November 09, 2005

introduction: blog name

i think i figured out why i actually named my blog legos and cassette tapes, at least, i have an explanation right now. it was definitely not on my mind when i came up with it, but it suites me fine today either way.

i was thinking that these things are letters. big messages. silent conversations. one-sided monolagues that other people can respond to or identify with. your thoughts. my thoughts. applause is optional.

i started mine in hopes of staying in touch with friends who were away in different parts of the state, country, world, etc. my friends and family. the same reason prompted most of them to write as well. sort of like your old-school junior high crush mix tapes.

the other reason i started one is that i wanted to see what i could make out of something so consistent and tangible. for me. i wanted to see what i could build. like legos. a sort of art mobile of my own.
so, part you, part me. us whole. the lego bits are for me, and the tapes are for you. check 'em out, throw 'em away, we'll talk later. circle yes or no.

to me that is pretty solid.

if we're friends, i probably miss you right now. if we've at least been in the same room, i think you're legit. if we've never met, i'm sure it'll happen if its meant to be.

and i'm going to stick with that.

even though at first, i just thought the title sounded good.