Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i've been drumming for cabaret. its a raunchy little peice. i feel a little dirty afterwards b/c i laugh at all the jokes and giggle when girls point at me during the "warm up" time. i'm giggling now.

december 6th, i'll be playing with muh rock band "jack of knives" at cumberlands. if you're in the area and not busy, you should stop by. i'll appreciate you.

i think bobby and i bonded a little bit this passed weekend. i watched him saturday night and we got papa john's pizza and the movie "robots". robots is a very freakin' hilarious movie. i was surprised that i laughed so much. afterwards, we prank called people and sang bedtime songs to them. all freestyle-like.

currently i'm listening to aloha's "i wish no chain's upon you" from their album sugar. it moves me a special way. i think it always will.

and it is almost 4 am.