Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the susans pt.2

i also get them when i see friends i have not seen in... lifetimes. reunions of that sort give me great feelings in my intestinal regions. i saw a good friend of mine tonight at a show at the new brookland tavern in columbia. t'was greatness to see her. there were loud bands and softer, whinier ones. we (kitsch) did not whine. we did not scream. we just played well. lorrie said she liked it and she doesn't lie. i like when that happens...

guess what? i already forgot what i was about to say. it was going to be meaningful and kind of humorous.

i'll just end it here.

what if we lived in a world where you just spoke your mind, your insides and everything you felt? i would like that. it would make things a lot easier.

and what if you woke up every morning reminded that you were going to die someday (maybe soon)? and that you're totally capable of doing anything you'd like to... today.

and what if everyday you had someone tell you, "i honestly believe in my heart that YOU should totally go and do that thing that you've really been wanting to do for the longest time. you're quite beautiful."

if that was how it was, i think we'd be a nation of traveling people.