Sunday, March 05, 2006

that famous feeling.

i enjoy getting that feeling i get when i heard really good new music. i mean, the good stuff, very genuine and refreshing and moving... the kind that makes me go, "aahhh, yeeess.... that's it!"

like an epiphany. i like that feeling. if i could give it a name, that feeling a name, i would name it susan. maybe not. maybe just "the ____". the something. for a common ground, i guess this feeling could be temporarily deemed as "the susans..."

like, "ah man, this music is so fresh... its giving me the susans again!" maybe.

i don't know. maybe you can come up with a name for it.


as i type this i am listening to new music by georgie james. they are the newness that gives me my susans today.


so that feeling, if i could measure it, could be about as light as helium. were it a gas, of course. if it could be a solid it would kind of feel like a koosh ball maybe. in your chest. the susans.

i remember when i first heard two of my favorite bands, aloha and ester drang, seperately. i heard of aloha through the polyvinyl site during my freshman year of college. and i heard of polyvinyl records (their record company) through a very good band that is no longer; american football. i heard of american football through a friend i met in the dorms that year named lauren who was my friend (teresa) from high school's roommate.

so, the susans. i heard american football and thought... "yes..." and the lights in the room got brighter, kind of like lights do on xmas morning and your eyes haven't adjusted yet. you get watery-eyed. that was me. so i did my research and found lots of other good bands... including aloha. i downloaded a song called "a hundred stories" and listened to it straight for about a week. everywhere i went the susans came with.

the ester drang induced susans came from a one-on-one experience b/c i saw them at cornerstone festival in 'o1 with my dear friend, jimmy butts. they were touring with his favorite band, pedro the lion. i assumed they would be up to par. i was not correct. they were somewhere above. i remember feeling like i was in a spaceship b/c the place they played resembled a gym, and i think it was a gym, but i felt like i was being taken somewhere. traveling in a box with people in it. the sound was great and it too, gave me the susans.

i know it may seem like i've lost my mind or something... and i have. its been gone for a while. and i'm ok with that b/c i'm still ok. i am surviving.

all this was written just to tell you that you should check out georgie james. and aloha. and ester drang.

i may need another word to describe the "new" feeling. i'll work on it. until then, i hope that you're having a nice month and getting susans all the time from the people you spend time with and the things you see and the music you hear and from just thinking that god might actually like you. i like you.


i'll be here soon:

mar 15th - torch w/ toca toca
mar 16th - west ashley @ the map room w/ lindsay holler and jack of knives (with guests: portable folk band)
mar 21st - columbia @ new brookland tavern w/kitsch
mar 22nd - torch w/ toca toca
mar 23rd - mt. pleasant @ the village tavern w/ jack of knives
mar 25th - florence @ the lower room w/steve fiore

i would like to see YOU if possible.