Wednesday, May 10, 2006

foreign things

so, i realized the second reason that i enjoy the idea of a blog. a weblog. an onlinejournal. it has something to do with the idea that i can say what i want when i want. like, "man, today has totally and thoroughly sucked the living 'umph' out of me!" ...and its kind of like always having an ear/eye to recieve it. those words and thoughts. its kind of therapeudic isn't it? i think.

the other (first) reason is still that i enjoy being in touch with people i share life with. friends and family. i like that i can know what's going on from across the state, from across the country, and the world. a friend in florence, a friend chile, a friend in california, canada, yadda yadda, etc. even though i'd take a good old fashoined phone call over journaling/email anyday, i still appreciates it.


i'm going to denmark this summer with my band, TOCA TOCA. we're hitting up copenhagen and surrounding areas for the whole month of july (currently 20 working dates). we're jumping the airwaves on the 26th of june and will arrive back home on the 3rd of august. that's the plan anyway. this will be my first time out of the country and i'm super excited, of course. if you know me at least a little bit, you'll know i'm a big "what-ifer." and know that i have a tendency to get stuck in the imaginary-never-will-happen-scenarios of... everything.

so lately, a big "what if i don't ever have to come back?" has sprung up in my thoughts. that's all. just a what-if.
i hear the danish have the purtiest wemin. wymen. women.


its funny that this isn't something i've necessarily felt difficult to decide on. going. i feel like the inner parts of me are like, "its about time." and that i was kind of made for this kind of thing. i think god gives us deep urges and desires for obvious reasons and others for not-so-quick disposal. and that there are times for everything. and that he's certainly everywhere, and he wants me to know that. i'm looking forward to experiencing travel from that end. just observing god through foreign things.


that's june. this is may. i have to be out of my apt at the end of the month and in a sort of living limbo until then. my friend dan is being generous and letting me crash on his couch for the month of june. how sweet right? all i will have there will be toiletries, drums and some clean underwear. for a month. how strange right?

and when i come back... still homeless. as of now.


pray for me?


ps. that picture below of the sobbing superhero amused me a bit so i put it up. kind of pitiful kind of funny. like, "wow... superman just...cried." that's not right. i'm not right. i don't know anything. about... anything.

call me?