Tuesday, May 16, 2006

how strange...

hey look. i found all these non-threatening pictures of me playing drums and hitting things. i wanted to share 'em. that's all.

from top to bottom:
1. me with kitsch at the lower room in florence, sc. that little black thing is a maraca. yup. not to be confused with a black baby rattle. nope.
2. kitsch at the village tavern in mt. pleasant, sc (opening for ward williams). i was fixing my earplugs... or clapping. one of those. not catching flies.
3. ?
4. playing a wedding reception (meghan and ryan bailey) with pawn shop radio and friends.
5. lindsay holler last week at the map room w/a decent animal. the stage was set up all heavenly and what-not. there were white balloons representing clouds and lights on the floor. i'm way in the back. honest. it was cool.
6. TOCATOCA at suite sounds on stern center grounds a few months back. these are the folks i'm going to denmark with. they're all very good musicians... really.

and that's that, matress man. just some proof i do what i do when i do it. this has been an interesting year. this month makes a full year since i've been out of school, and its been mostly beautiful. scary. different. disorienting. slower. faster? different. different. full of grace. god's given me a lot of that. i'm very thankful. i'm humbled.

in my best mr. rogers impression: i bet you have lots to be thankful for too, don't you?

has anyone heard anything about the 28th? huh?

cheers to your life.