Friday, July 14, 2006

in the passed few days there's been lots of music, lots of music, lots of music and just a little bit of drama going on. all i can say is that right now is that this trip is very strange and very beautiful at the same time. this life is a strange and beautiful one. you, my friend, are a strange and beautiful one, so get used to it.

yesterday, there was a big jazz festival party/jam session here at the hotel. i met (richard bona's drummer) ernesto simpson. played with great danes (christopher møller's bassist) lennart ginman and carsten dahl (pianist). it was a nice day to meet and hang out. mette came by and hung out. gerald's brother, gary and his girlfriend have been here for a few days and hung out as well.

we saw brad meldhau after that. it was a sweet show. jeff ballard played drums and he was very amazing. like... amazing to look and listen to. just... amazing. they did a beautiful arrangement of soundgarden's "black hole sun". i giggled profusely.


after that, we went to a very tiny bar on the east side of town. there were tons of people there. a band called "wonderbrass" played some of the funkiest ska, rock, 2nd line... stuff that i've ever heard in my life. i couldn't stop dancing.

sorry i don't have a pictures to share just yet. you'll have to wait for them to be developed.

more later. this is a bit long.