Tuesday, July 11, 2006

last night (late) dave and i went out to find some music. we came across some free jazz at this nice upstairs 'salon' and paid 50 kroner (about $5), which wasn't half bad. after that, we stopped by 'la fontaine' at a jam session that was sold out/packed house, so we kept walking. it was a good time for the two of us.

today, mette invited dave and i to her family's house about 15 minutes away by train/bike and we had cake and tea. it was a cozy little home where her mom had a downstairs studio filled with pottery and painted things. it was a very nice afternoon.

we were supposed to record today, but there were some issues. something broke and we decided that we'd turn tomorrow's afternoon concert into a live recording session at steinway. hmm. pray for us.

tonight, i think we'll rest and watch teenage mutant ninja turtles.

thank you for reading this, you.