Thursday, July 20, 2006


this life is a wild one.

this passed year has been like riding an elephant in a desert, with a record (vinyl) player strapped on the back of it, trying to get to another city. always and patiently, i listen to the music and deal with the skips, and i never know when they'll come, but they do. i just deal with it. my elephant is big and strong, but doesn't let me off. i can't get off. not yet. and there aren't any full songs . only hints of things i know are real, but can't experience until i've arrived to my destination. and then i can enjoy the music without skips and bumps.

i don't know if the skips are good things or all bad, but i guess it can represent the 'unknowns'.

i think that's how its been. or at least something like that. its the best i can explain it presently. i hadn't thought it through before i wrote it down so, take what you will. believe what you can. erase all the rest, right?

the moral of the story is:
maybe i should upgrade to a cassete player.


oh. and i think a danish girl likes me.

(13 days left.)