Tuesday, July 18, 2006


its been a wild trip. for the most part, things have been just wonderful. wonderful and bizarre. weird and magical. somber and hectic. tough and lovely. (young and restless?) uncomfortable and welcoming... all at the same time.

sorry for not giving any updates for the passed few days. our last week here was probably the most hectic since we've been here with lots of schedule changes and false starts in different directions. i've been learning a lot about myself, my profession, what i really want out of my music and other people, so its been very rewarding in that sense.

we've only got about a week and a half left here. our last day of "work" here is the 27th. my plane ticket is set for the 31st and i'll be back in my native land shortly after that.

and when i get back, there's lots of stuff going on immediately. my dear friend megyn is getting married to her beau, sam jefferson, and lindsay holler's got lots of shows lined up for the rock world to see. oh, snap. almost forgot. i'm planning to go see SUFJAN STEVENS in septemeber if anyone wants to go.

i'm also just ready to see familiar faces again.

i've also learned how important it is to tell the truth and communicate well with others. think about that one.

so, i'll see you soon. ok?


ps. i felt like sharing this.

from my friend dan (via email):

"i was just thinking as i was watching forrest gump on tv, that i think it's amazing how deep human compassion can go. i think that people love love so that they can feel that way. something like that. as i watch forest gump and with all the sad scenes or just strongly emotional scenes and see how much devotion forest has and how that makes me feel... well... i think everybody wants a part of that. something like that in their life. so they might feel that way. forest gump is a really good movie.

hope all is well and there are many danishes,